NRATV Calls Trayvon Martin's Mother A Liar For Opposing Stand Your Ground

Guest Bob Owens Smears Deceased Teenager With Baseless Claim He Was Shot After Being Caught “Casing A House To Be Robbed”

From the April 3 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): Stand Your Ground laws are very important to us here, we believe it is all of America’s key principles that you should be able to defend yourself and not let evildoers do whatever they want. And you should never be forced to retreat, it could put you in harms way. Trayvon Martin from Florida, his mom, we all know that case, wrote an editorial, scathing last week in Florida, she spelled out some lies about Stand Your Ground and really, very, very troubling stuff.

BOB OWENS: It really was, Sybrina Fulton, like I think every mother who has tragically lost a son for any reason, doesn’t want to think the worst of her son. But the story she concocted was an abject fantasy that had absolutely nothing to do with the reality of the matter. Trayvon Martin was not stalked, he was casing a house to be robbed, as he had allegedly done before that got him kicked out of his school in Miami Gardens. That's why he was in Sanford with his father. 


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