NRA’s media outlet launches anti-trans attacks against Chelsea Manning

Spokesperson Dana Loesch: “Just because you get some boobs, and you put some red lipstick on, poorly applied, and a very poor smoky eye bad dye job, that don’t make you a chick”

From the January 16 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): Chelsea Manning is now running for the United States Senate --


STINCHFIELD: Bradley Manning, Chelsea Manning, whatever he/she wants to call herself, himself. Running for United States Senate in Maryland. A felon, can’t even vote for him or herself.


LOESCH: And don’t correct me on pronouns, for anybody who is watching, because I’m not going to suddenly pretend that this individual who is pretending to be a woman is a part of my sisterhood. He went through maturity and puberty as a male. Just because you get some boobs, and you put some red lipstick on, poorly applied, and a very poor smoky eye bad dye job, that don’t make you a chick. So don’t appropriate my sex.


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