NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch claims she was a victim of a “public lynching” at CNN’s post-Parkland gun violence town hall

From the August 2 edition of NRATV’s Relentless:

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DANA LOESCH (NRA NATIONAL SPOKESPERSON): [CNN’s Jim] Acosta is upset that someone yelled “CNN sucks.” Imagine how he would feel if his network set up a public lynching of him, as they did of me and [Sen.] Marco Rubio [R-FL], wherein people called me a murderer, and they screamed “burn her,” and they rushed the stage and grabbed at me as I left. [CNN's] Jake Tapper corroborated this shortly after it happened, tweeting this in response to those who were in doubt. He says, “I don’t know, but Chris’s” -- talking of my husband -- “description is accurate and I made sure that she was escorted out of the room.”

I wonder if Acosta can imagine what it feels like when his network allows guest after guest day after day to refer to you as a murderer. To refer to 6 million law-abiding Americans as people who hate children and are terrible parents, simply because we believe in the right of self defense. As Derek Hunter, author of Outrage Inc., who was on the show just this week, he said on this program yesterday it wasn’t journalists on the baseball field over a year ago who were shot by a Bernie bro. It wasn’t journalists who were attacked in Sen. Rand Paul’s [R-KY] yard resulting in life threatening injuries. It wasn’t journalists who were trapped in their office -- in their building in Portland by rioters and when they called for police, they were told that police couldn’t help them because they didn’t like their profession. It’s not journalists being run out of college campuses under threats of violence with property-destroying rioters. It isn’t journalists who had their homes targeted with paint, their boats vandalized, their children threatened with kidnapping and worse because of what they believe or what they do. It isn’t journalists who had to move because they support natural rights. It isn’t journalists who are being doxxed. It isn’t journalists who are being told by lawmakers to confront -- that lawmakers telling people to confront them in running them out of America. It isn’t journalists who are constantly referred to as people who share teeth and referred to as -- or it’s intimated that they’re backwoods, racist hillbillies by other media types infuriated by that Hillary didn’t win. No, you see the media has actually done this to average Americans. The media has treated its audience this way.


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