NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch: Allowing the federal government to study the public health impacts of gun violence could lead to gun confiscation

From the March 7 edition of NRATV’s Relentless:

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DANA LOESCH (HOST): So first they held a government take over of medicine and now we see individuals trying to weaponize medicine. Now last month, those who seek disarmament put any medical professional who was willing to attack law-abiding gun owners or just specifically firearm rights, in the spotlight. It was part of this overall strategy to push the criminalization of private legal transfers, what they term as universal background checks. And now they are using medical professionals to try and get taxpayer money to fund anti-gun research. Now earlier today, the House Committee on Appropriations held a subcommittee hearing. They addressed -- what they called addressing the public health emergency of gun violence. And they called numerous medical professionals forward to advocate for such things as passing a bill that would require the surgeon general, for instance, to study guns' impact on public health and issue a report to Congress on the findings and then fund federal research into gun violence. Now remember, there’s never been a ban on research into firearms and homicides. What has been done is a ban on using it for political purposes. And more than 160 medical public health and research groups have signed on to a letter from the American Academy of Pediatrics to congressional appropriators urging that they spend 50 million dollars on gun violence research in fiscal year 2020. Make no mistake, I mean you have studies out there, but these studies are not studies. This is an attempt to propagandize and really lead to further disarmament, further restriction and if some of these lawmakers get their way, because they’ve actually said this, maybe even confiscation. Who knows. I mean, if you’ve got to trust what they say, they’ve said all kinds of stuff. This type of political activism is not the norm amongst medical professionals.                               


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