NRA spokesperson: Dallas shooting in which a cop killed a man in his own home “could have been very different” if the victim “was a law abiding gun owner”

From the September 10 edition of NRATV’s Relentless:

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DANA LOESCH (HOST): One of the other things that seems kind of extraordinary to me -- when you go, and this -- when you go into somebody’s house, things smell different, right? I mean, granted the lights are off, it’s still going to kind of look different. It’s going to kind of feel different. It’s going to smell different, because it’s just -- there’s different stuff and different people that live there. And I would just think -- I don’t know, maybe I’m assuming to much -- and granted, 15-hour shift, that’s a long shift. But still, your senses hit you before anything else does. And that, I don’t know, maybe I’m missing something, but that seems -- that that would obviously wake you up.             

JEFF HOUSTON [NRA CARRY GUARD DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS]: Yes, you would think so. And OK, 15-hour shift, yes, that’s a long day. And the job that a police officer has is often strenuous and can take a toll on you. But look, after 15 hours of hard work, one should not be in such a state of discoherence that you're walking in and not knowing that you’re in your own place. So, there’s just some really strange -- something strange is going on here. Not happy with this obviously, a guy is dead that did not need to be. So, the rangers will do a good job of investigating this, but it’s just a tragic thing.          

LOESCH: Right. This could have been very different if Botham Jean had been, say he was a law abiding gun owner and he saw somebody coming into his apartment. I mean, there’s no -- I don't think there’s any context that the actions would have been justified. If I see somebody coming into my house and I’m not expecting them and they’re walking in like they own the place, I would -- I would act to defend myself. And this could have been very differently had he actually had a firearm on him. Maybe it would be a different individual, she might be the one carried out.               


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