NRA Bids Farewell To Obama: He Accomplished His Secret Plan To “Inflict Harm On America” 

From the January 12 edition of NRATV’s Live Updates With Grant Stinchfield:

GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): Well, I think [Obama] did accomplish something that he secretly set out to do, he won't talk about it, but that is inflict harm on America. And so I wondered what he was going to talk about when he gave his farewell speech. Look at what the man has done. He has given us more regulations to hurt industries, he's increased our taxes, we have a healthcare system that is basically beaten down,  you talk about the military that has been absolutely decimated, we have foreign relations with other countries that they laugh at America now. What did he talk about for an hour? He said that race relations are better now than they were ten years ago. I had to fall out of my chair when I heard him say that.    

BILL WHITTLE (NRATV COMMENTATOR): I genuinely believe that he believes this. I really do. The history of Barack Obama is genuinely the history of an empty suit. It’s the story of a kid who was abandoned three times and who, in the second half of his life, was told -- was given a gold star for everything. He would -- Barack Obama never had a headwind. Barack Obama could walk across the street and doors would open for him. He’s been told -- h really is kind of a millennial president. He’s the gold star president, he’s been told everything he does is wonderful, every picture he makes is an art piece. Earlier in his administration he says he plays basketball on a level of LeBron James and he says, “I’m a better speech writer than my speech writers.” The man is a pathological narcissist. I guarantee you, I guarantee you this, when Donald Trump is inaugurated and the first of the tax cuts and the regulation rollback happen, and the economy goes to six, seven, eight percent economic growth, he is going to say “Finally, my policies have finally taken hold and Donald Trump is taking credit.” Mark my words.       


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