As news broke about Florida school shooting, the NRA once again told everyone it's not time to talk about guns

From the February 14 edition of NRATV’s Cam & Company:

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CAM EDWARDS (NRATV HOST): I am aware of the politics being played. I am obviously aware of the statements coming out on social media. I just -- again, I don’t see the point in engaging in a political fight at this point while you have this situation that is unfolding. This is not a political moment right now for hundreds of people in Parkland, Florida. This is a very personal moment right now that is unfolding. And the policy debates, or the sloganeering, the bumper sticker politics, there will obviously be time for that. Is it appropriate now? I don’t think so. Not at all. Not again while we have loved ones who are awaiting word about their kids, while you've got families who have not been notified about the injuries to their loved ones. Again at this point we don’t even have the name of a suspect and while police are still on the scene trying to ensure that they have recovered everybody who is injured and that they have evacuated to safety every student and faculty member there on the campus. Again, there will be time for that discussion, but right now it would be nice if we could just keep those folks at the top of our mind in terms of what we’re thinking about here going forward.


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