Frequent NRATV guest Michael Cutler compares mainstream media to Nazi propagandists

Cutler: “This is what [Joseph] Goebbels did during the Second World War with the Nazis, tell a lie, repeat it as frequently as you can and pretty soon people will believe the lie is the truth”   

From the March 22 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): Look, that video there, I want to talk to you about a bunch of different things but first off, your reaction to that woman? In many respects, I feel sorry for her that she’s that ignorant when it comes to these things. Your reaction?   

MICHAEL CUTLER: Well look, I was an INS agent, ICE is the follow along agency. They do the same work that I did for 30 years and I was proud to do it and I’m still proud of the work that I did with my colleagues. But understand, the mainstream media plays a very big role in this. There was an ICE agent who discussed immigration at a middle school and a subsidiary publication of USA Today charged ICE, or complained about ICE daring to send an agent to those poor students and scare them, criticized the school, demanded an apology and everything in the article was a lie. They said that immigration enforcement didn’t really exist before the creation of ICE. Well, I don’t know what I was doing for those 30 years because I never worked for ICE as an agent, I worked for the INS, talked about conspiracy and collusion. According to the ACLU, between adjudicators at DHS who handled immigration applications, working with ICE to apprehend criminal aliens who show up looking for lawful status, calling that collusion and a conspiracy against the immigrants. When that kind of reckless, false statements become part of the mainstream narrative, the average American who only knows what they’re hearing in the media, doesn’t know what to believe. They’re being educated by propaganda. This is what [Nazi propagandist Joseph] Goebbels did during the second World War with the Nazis, tell a lie, repeat it as frequently as you can and pretty soon people will believe the lie is the truth.


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