Watch Nicolle Wallace explain Fox News and Tucker Carlson’s role in spreading the racist conspiracy theory motivating mass shootings

Wallace: “The biggest evangelist for this racist conspiracy theory is Fox News’ own Tucker Carlson”

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Citation From the May 16, 2022, edition of MSNBC's Deadline: White House 

NICOLLE WALLACE (HOST): What is arguably one of the most alarming developments in our politics in these past few years is that despite warnings from national security officials, people like Donald Trump's appointee to lead the FBI, Christopher Wray, who said in 2020 that white supremacist terrorism is the largest threat within the country's domestic extremism problem. Despite that warning from him, one of our country's two political parties has brought the baseless and dangerous conspiracy that white people are being replaced out of the dark, dank corners of the internet. 

As The New York Times puts it, “Replacement theory once confined to the digital fever swamps of Reddit message boards and semi-obscure white nationalist sites, has gone mainstream. In sometimes more muted forms, the fear it crystallizes -- of a future America in which white people are no longer the numerical majority -- has become a potent force in conservative media and politics where the theory has been borrowed and remixed to attract audience, retweets and small-dollar donations."

The Washington Post is reporting that replacement theory has become gospel for parts of the Republican Party. From The Post, “Representative Elise Stefanik, the No. 3 House Republican, and other GOP lawmakers, came under scrutiny Sunday for previously echoing the racist 'great replacement' theory that apparently inspired an 18-year-old who allegedly killed 10 people while targeting Black people at a supermarket in Buffalo. While Stefanik has not pushed the theory by name, she and other conservatives have echoed the tenets of the far-right ideology as part of anti-immigrant rhetoric that has fired up the Republican base ahead of the midterm elections."

But by far, and you all know this already, the biggest evangelist for this racist conspiracy theory is Fox News' own Tucker Carlson. And here's just a little bit of what he's been saying day after day after day on his broadcast, thanks to our friends at the Mehdi Hasan program.


It really happens every night.