Moving The Goalposts: CNN Now Says Gingrich Is “Not In Violation” Of Network Rules

In an apparent reversal, CNN now says that Crossfire co-host Newt Gingrich is not actually violating network standards by failing to disclose his PAC's financial relationship with politicians discussed on the program. 

Rick Davis, CNN's Executive Vice President of News Standards and Practices, issued a statement to Media Matters saying the network is “clarifying” its ethics policy, and that Gingrich is “not in violation” of network rules:

We are clarifying the policy and making it clear Newt Gingrich is not in violation.  The policy:  If a Crossfire co-host has made a financial contribution to a politician who appears on the program or is the focus of the program, disclosure is not required during the show since the co-host's political support is obvious by his or her point of view expressed on the program.

Davis' statement appears to be at odds with earlier comments he had made about the network's guidelines for Gingrich. In an interview with Media Matters earlier this month, Davis said that if Gingrich, who serves as honorary co-chair for the American Legacy PAC, “is helping fund a candidate and that candidate's on the show, or being discussed on the show, of course he'll disclose that. Disclosure is important when it's relevant.”

However, as Media Matters reported, Gingrich hosted Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on the first episode of Crossfire's revival, and discussed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on September 24, without disclosing that his PAC had donated to the campaigns of both Republicans.

Gingrich also praised Cruz on CNN outside of Crossfire. Several hours after Media Matters first reported on Gingrich apparently violating network rules, he appeared on the September 25 edition of Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees and again appeared to cross the line. Gingrich said Cruz is “proving to be a pretty clever guy” and “there are an awful lot of Republicans who'd rather at least see someone with the guts to fight than just be told automatically let's surrender.” Gingrich and CNN did not mention his PAC's ties to Cruz.

PoliticoMediaite, and Huffington Post have also reported on Gingrich's recent disclosure failures.   

Issues with Gingrich and his PAC aren't limited to CNN disclosure problems. Mother Jones raised significant questions about whether Gingrich is fronting a “dubious PAC” since “most of the money flowing into American Legacy PAC is benefiting vendors and consultants who have long been associated with Gingrich” rather than actual candidates.