Does Newt Gingrich's New Job Mean The End Of His CNN Employment?

CNN declined to comment on whether Newt Gingrich is still employed at the network in light of news that he is joining the world's largest law firm. 

Gingrich will start working for Dentons in June as a “senior advisor” in its public policy and regulation practice. It's unclear whether Gingrich, who has a history of conflict of interest problems, will simultaneously work for the firm and as a CNN contributor -- the network declined to clarify his current employment status to Media Matters. According to a Nexis search, Gingrich was last on CNN on March 3, 2015. During the appearance, he was identified as a CNN contributor.

While he'll work with lobbyists at Dentons, he will not officially register as one. The Wall Street Journal reported that the firm earned more than $1.275 billion in revenue last year and has “more than 6,600 lawyers and professionals” and “will have 125 offices in more than 50 countries.”

Dentons' public policy and regulation practice is involved in dozens of areas such as energy, the environment, health care, and national security. Dentons US banked more than $6.5 million in lobbying income in 2014 from clients like Allstate, Credit Union National Association, Lumara Health, and Time Warner Cable, according to The firm's chairman stated that Gingrich will “engage and advance the goals of our clients.”

Gingrich told the Journal that “he's 'clearing a fair amount of time' to work at Dentons, but he'll continue doing some other projects” such as writing a novel. A request for comment passed along by Dentons to Gingrich's office was not returned.

The firm's large client list and practice areas would create innumerable conflicts for Gingrich as a media commentator.

Gingrich, who previously hosted CNN's now-defunct Crossfire reboot, has shown little concern for adhering to media ethics regarding conflicts of interest. In 2013, CNN drew an onslaught of criticism from reporters for allowing Gingrich to discuss candidates his political action committee gave money to without disclosing it. His media company also received money from the Republican National Committee, but Gingrich did not divulge that while hosting Crossfire.

Gingrich's website and Instagram account currently identify him as a CNN contributor. His website was recently updated to note his new role at Dentons.