Sebastian Gorka on Newsmax being dropped by DirecTV: A “blatant example of politically-motivated censorship”

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Citation From the January 25, 2023, edition of Newsmax's National Report

SEBASTIAN GORKA (NEWSMAX HOST): Yeah, absolutely stunning. I mean, a more blatant example of politically-motivated censorship is hard to imagine. And this coming as we have all the revelations, thanks to Elon Musk at Twitter, of government-sponsored censorship. Is this something being done in league with the White House, with the DNC? We don't know, but we know the facts of the case, that Newsmax was asking for fair remuneration, which is exactly the same for the top 75 channels on DirecTV, 22 of which, 22 are hardcore left-wing news channels. So, why is it that only Newsmax is treated like this? It's very clear - it's because Newsmax is growing in popularity, it's growing in influence, and they want to shut down a voice that isn't the mainstream lying media, but actually brings the facts to all of our viewers.


HOGAN GIDLEY (GUEST): Thankfully, you know, I think people are outraged by it and they can take some action to try and fix it.