Newsmax's Ric Grenell says Governor Gretchen Whitmer should be impeached for being “too emotional” in wake of MSU shooting

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Citation From the February 14, 2023, edition of Newsmax's Rob Schmitt Tonight

ROB SCHMITT (HOST): So, you know, we have a dangerous man who has let off the hook for a serious crime, which is something we see happen all the time in Blue states. He's carrying a handgun that's obviously illegal for him to have and Democrats are screaming about common sense gun reform when the only laws that would have prevented this are the ones that Democrats willfully ignored.

RIC GRENELL (SENIOR NATIONAL SECURITY ANALYST): Look, you had Congresswoman Slotkin in tears. You had Governor Gretchen Whitmer in tears. Both of them completely emotional, off the rails going to a far-left progressive idea that somehow they and government must act to protect our kids. First of all, the problem that I have is raising the bar and telling everybody that government, somehow, is going to absolutely protect kids is shameful because that cannot happen. Government can do a whole bunch of things like put cops and security guards on every single campus. Whether it's a college campus, a university or an elementary school, we should be protecting our kids. Why isn't Governor Whitmer taking this seriously? She's out there crying about the fact that we're not protecting kids, yet telling people that the only way to protect kids is to take away guns when she has the ability to put armed guards at every single school, including Michigan State. She should be impeached for being way too emotional and unable to really look at issues to solve issues. She's out there crying at a press conference instead of doing good work.