Newsmax's Benny Johnson attacks Brittney Griner as a “drug addict, America-hating” “criminal” who is “on the identity politics spectrum”

Johnson: “They wouldn't allow a Black woman, lesbian woman, drug addict, America-hating – woke, to be kept in prison in Russia”

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Citation From the December 8, 2022, edition of The Benny Report, streamed on YouTube

BENNY JOHNSON (HOST): So Biden is sitting there bragging about the worst US foreign policy decision in my lifetime. This is on par, in my lifetime, with abandoning our soldiers in Benghazi to die at the hands of terrorists. Unspeakable evil will happen now that Viktor Bout is back into the world. You traded a non-violent pothead wokester WNBA America-hating hippie for one of the most violent men in the world, whose sole mission in life is to murder as many Americans as possible. And you're bragging about it this morning. And that really gets to the root of the issue here. The Democrat Party is thoroughly compromised by forces that hate this country. What you are witnessing is a collapsing empire. 


They calculated this. They knew it was going to be a loss. They knew they had to appeal the left-wing, woke-wing of their party. They wouldn't allow a Black woman, lesbian woman, drug addict, America-hating – woke, to be kept in prison in Russia. One of ours. Not the Marine. Not the person who served this country. No, no. One of ours. Somebody on the identity politics spectrum who's notched every single kind of victory you can possibly hope for inside of the vector of woke politics. 

Brittney Griner, she’s done everything, she’s sacrificed everything to our idols and we’ve got to go get her. And we’ll trade the most dangerous man on planet earth for her, a nonviolent offender, somebody who broke the law. And watch this criminal who you can argue with, again, the process in Russia, you can argue with Americans being detained, I would certainly like it if my country went and got me if I was wrongfully detained in another country, but Brittney Griner broke the law.

Correction (12/9/22): This piece originally included the wrong date for the video.