On Newsmax, Victor Davis Hanson blames Baltimore bridge collapse on diversity hires

Davis Hanson: “We're not upping our game, as far as increasing the level of expertise and especially … meritocracy”

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Citation From the March 26, 2024, edition of Newsmax's Eric Bolling The Balance

ERIC BOLLING (HOST): So Victor, I don’t mean to say that because Maersk has this new DEI push, people likely died in Baltimore this morning. But I do mean to say there’s a pattern here.  

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON (GUEST): We don't know the exact relation to cause and effect, but we do know this -- that the world is much more interconnected. It's much more fragile than it ever has been. It's much more sophisticated, and it demands an ever greater level of expertise.

But just at the time that we're building bigger and bigger and more dangerous ships, or we're assembling longer and longer trains that derail like we saw at East Palestine with more and more toxic, we're not upping our game, as far as increasing the level of expertise and especially, Eric, meritocracy.

So, we're not hiring necessarily the best people. We used to say we're going to hire the best people, regardless of their color of their skin, their sexual orientation. Now we're saying, "Well, we may hire the best people, but more importantly is their ideology, or their ethnicity, or their gender, or their sexual orientation." And unfortunately, it's exactly the wrong time to do it.