On Newsmax, Peter Navarro says Donald Trump must order a future attorney general to prosecute Jack Smith for “seditious conspiracy”

Navarro: “And they'll get the 25 years that the Proud Boys got and that's where that's where Jack Smith should be. He's as guilty or worse than anything I ever saw on January 6th.”

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Citation From the August 1, 2023, edition of Newsmax's Rob Schmitt Tonight

ROB SCHMITT (HOST): They're, basically, criminalizing free speech. They're criminalizing Trump's frustration after the 2020 election, which, as we all know, was an election that was tampered with by the Department of Justice, which worked surreptitiously to protect Joe Biden from the now obvious corruption that he had engaged in while he was the vice president of the United States. It was an election that, thanks to COVID, saw many election irregularities – rules changed by liberal state leaders without the consent of state legislatures -- legislators. They're trying to criminalize this. 

PETER NAVARRO (GUEST): Rob, there's two things going on here. One, there's the noise, and one, there's the signal. The noise is all of these different charges which then, all the news media, the never-Trump media goes out and blows up and throws around and bandys about to try to throw stink on the president. The signal, of course, is, a coordinated effort to stop Donald John Trump from running successfully for the president and moving into the White House in January of 2025. I like to always stay on the signal. But if you look here at the noise for these particular set of charges, I mean, you have, the Electoral Count Act of 1887, which provided for a procedure to count lawful votes. And that was the impetus for having the hearing up on Capitol Hill that day. Now, when you look at what happened there, I still want to know why Nancy Pelosi did not provide the tens of thousands of troops that Donald Trump asked for because he himself saw possible trouble. 


NAVARRO: I also want to know why there were FBI informants, allegedly or apparently, in that crowd waving people into the grounds. And there's so many unanswered questions --


NAVARRO: And this idea that there was -- that you can say categorically that there was no election fraud in 2020 is absurd. I mean, I've looked at that. I looked at that very careful, and it's three volumes set called the Navarro Report, and nothing has changed since then --


NAVARRO: To make me think otherwise that there was a grand stuff the ballot box strategy by the Democrats, basically bending and sometimes breaking the rules. And these were legitimate questions to be asked. So, you know, to have to walk down that path, though, the noise – it's like, this is a seditious conspiracy that's Jack Smith is running and coordination with Joe Biden and the White House and others in the deep administrative state –

SCHMTT: Yeah, he's the attack dog.

NAVARRO: That I think -- you know when Donald Trump becomes president, and I hope one of his first acts is to have the attorney general make sure he looks at every email correspondence and phone record of these people. And you're going to see that seditious conspiracy and these people are going to be carted off to jail for seditious conspiracy --

SCHMITT: Yeah, I got to --

NAVARRO: And they'll get the 25 years that the Proud Boys got and that's where that's where Jack Smith should be. He's as guilty or worse than anything I ever saw on January 6th --

SCHMITT: Peter, I got to --

NAVARRO: He's trying to overthrow a president --

SCHMITT: I gotta --

NAVARRO: From being in office. It just boggles the mind, Rob. 

SCHMITT: Understood. 

NAVARRO: It's gotta stop.