Newsmax panel attacks Fox News for canceling Lou Dobbs' show: “Fox is totally changing their tone”

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Citation From the February 8, 2021, edition of Newsmax's National Report

RACHEL ROLLAR (HOST): Well, the latest example of some major changes at Fox News is Lou Dobbs. The highest-rated host on Fox Business suddenly had his show canceled on Friday after 10 years. To many, Dobbs has been the face of Fox Business. Dobbs is a strong supporter President Trump. But Fox has made several rash decisions lately after dropping to third in the ratings behind CNN and MSNBC.


SHAUN KRAISMAN (HOST): There are a couple things to mention. One, what happened to Lou Dobbs, also the impeachment, the second impeachment here. Chris Wallace purposely did not mention President Trump's call for peaceful protest. Where is this network headed? Because there are millions of people that watched Fox for so many years. Now, a lot of folks reaching out online saying they're shifting their tone. Julio, your thoughts on that.

JULIO GONZALEZ (GUEST): No question about it as the mass exodus continues, and people are now going over to Newsmax. We've seen those numbers repeatedly over the last month, which is great. I mean, listen, they've been coming back to the center for a long time. They hide behind the veil of these losses coming from big tech companies. We need tort reform in this country so that every media outlet that has a conservative bent to it doesn't have to worry about being sued by all the different tech companies and the politician PACs out there to protect themselves.


ERIN ELMORE:  I would also -- regarding Lou Dobbs and Fox News, canceling by the way, there's a great song, "St. Stephen" by the Grateful Dead, and there's a line that says one man gathers what another man spills. Fox is totally changing their tone. And you guys can gather here at Newsmax all of the conservative voices, all of the conservative bases, all of the conservative movement are coming here to Newsmax. So their loss is your gain.