Newsmax hosts blame Trump critics after Trumpists sack the U.S. Capitol

Hosts also downplay the insurrection: “This could be point zero zero zero one percent of that crowd stirring up all this nonsense inside the Capitol building”

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Citation From the January 6, 2021, edition of Newsmax's American Agenda

ROB SCHMITT (HOST): I certainly hope that's not the decision made based on a few bad actors in this massive, massive crowd that was, let's be honest, if this is fifty, a hundred thousand or more people, I mean, this could be point zero zero zero one percent of that crowd stirring up all this nonsense inside the Capitol building.


SCHMITT: There's a tremendous amount of frustration. And I do think a lot of it comes from a very, very logical place. I think some of it comes from a somewhat of a crazy place. But I absolutely think that there were a lot of things that were unfair about this election for Donald Trump. No question. 

TOM BASILE (HOST): And this isn't just about the election. I mean, what we're seeing play out in Washington D.C. is four years -- four years of the Russia hoax. Four years of the impeachment. Four years he's not my president. Four years of thousands of hours of the left-wing media and big tech maligning Donald Trump, maligning conservatives, maligning his supporters. And when you do that to an administration, when you do that to tens of millions of people in this country, eventually it's going to bubble over and boil over. And I think that's a lot of what we're seeing today. 

SCHMITT: Yeah, no, I mean. That is very beautifully said. I mean, that puts it right -- that's the nail right on the head. Absolutely. You've seen four years -- and I mean, how long did the Democrats just say that the election was rigged, that it was illegitimate, that Russia did it. I mean, they played that hand -- they overplayed that hand and stirred up so much nonsense in this country. And as soon as there was an election where their guy won, all of a sudden everything is hunky-dory, American elections are always perfect, and there's no fraud. I mean, the level of nonsense from the left over the past four years has just been astounding.