Newsmax host suggests viewers contact Congress after DirecTV dropped the channel

Rob Finnerty suggests that viewers cancel their DirecTV subscriptions

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Citation From the January 25, 2023 edition of Newsmax's Wake Up America

ROB FINNERTY (HOST): We are now the second conservative channel that AT&T DirecTV has removed from it’s cable system in the past year. In 2022, you might remember, OAN was deplatformed by AT&T DirecTV. They offered no real explanation for doing this, but it happened after congressional Democrats, under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi, demanded that OAN, Newsmax and Fox News be deplatformed for providing what they called misinformation.

DirecTV insisted that Newsmax shouldn’t get a small cable license fee, not a single penny.

Clearly, AT&T and DirecTV’s decision to deplatform, censor, and demonetize Newsmax is an act of blatant political discrimination and so was their decision to cancel OAN. Our viewers can help us fight back, though. That is the good news. If you are a DirecTV customer or even an AT&T customer of their products, like a cellphone, you can call them and ask them to oppose woke companies. You can also cancel their services outright. You have many options where Newsmax is carried, you can also get our free app. 

Second we are urging you to call your congressman and senator today and demand they investigate AT&T and DirecTV for their discrimination against conservative media. So please go online.