Newsmax host says Republicans should shut the government down over potential Trump indictment

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Citation From the July 19, 2023, edition of Newsmax's Greg Kelly Reports

GREG KELLY (HOST): Dick, what are your thoughts overall?

DICK MORRIS (NEWSMAX HOST): Well first, let's recall that it's a Washington, DC jury because Donald Trump got 5 percent of the vote there. So, it will be an all-Democratic jury that hears this case, if it ever gets there. But I think the key point here is that the federal government and the Justice Department is using all the legal resources it possibly can to obstruct America's right to choose the next president. We have the two indictments, the one already and the one that's coming. We have the electors -- from the Trump slate of electors in Michigan have all been indicted on fraud, which is ridiculous. And they're doing everything they can to go after Trump. And I think the Republican Party needs to not take this lying down -- issuing statements of support for Trump aren't enough. I think the House Republicans should refuse to approve any spending for anything in the American government, including the Justice Department, and literally grind it to a halt until the Justice Department agrees to drop its prosecution of anybody who is running for President of the United States until after the election. I think that's a position the public would approve of, and I think it's crucial that they not be permitted to interfere with this election and, basically, obstruct it. Our entire democracy's at stake.

KELLY: You know what, Dick? I think you're on to something. Matt Whitaker, you worked there at the Justice Department and you worked with Congress. Could they actually do something like this, the Republicans? And would the DOJ back off in such a scenario?

MATT WHITAKER (GUEST): Yeah, sure, you could shut down the government. In fact, when I was acting attorney general, it was shut down for the longest period of time. 41 days I believe. And we had to, you know, do the jobs that, you know, were obviously the necessary jobs, but it did significantly halt, for example, Special Counsel Mueller's investigation. So, that being said, you know, I think that Dick's point that the Republicans in Congress need to be tougher is absolutely right. I think, you know -- and I think his other point, which is spot-on, is that this is clearly election interference. You know, DOJ typically does not prosecute presidential candidates while they're running for president --

KELLY: Corrupt countries do. Corrupt regimes do. This is so bad. It's so obvious. They're counting on us not doing anything about it like, you know, your creative idea.