Newsmax host says Jill Biden is the President's “handler”

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Citation From the February 25, 2021, edition of Newsmax's Wake Up America

ROB FINNERTY (HOST): It's interesting to me. I've observed this over the last 35 plus days that he's been in office. whenever you see the president speak, if you look off camera right or off camera left, you'll notice Dr. Jill is not far away. Almost like she's, like his handler. She's always right there. That was certainly not the case with President Trump and that wasn't the case with President Obama. The former first lady, Michelle Obama, she was out there, you know, with her get fit thing. She wasn't, you know, with the president at all times. Matt, your thoughts?

MATT TITO (GUEST): Yeah, exactly. And we don't know exactly who's writing President Biden's speeches or giving him his notes. But he never speaks off the cuff. He never just has a press conference, right? He always has notes. Everything's on a prompter. Everything's scripted. Where President Trump, it was always extemporaneous. It was always off the cuff. It was always ad-lib. And with President Biden, we see, you know, basically the opposite. And President Biden was supposed to be our savior. He was supposed to come in and he was supposed to create better jobs, he was supposed to get us out of the pandemic. He was supposed to, you know, cure us from the virus and all these different things. And all he's done has been a job killer. Killing over a million jobs he has, you know, put regulations and restrictions on this country that, you know, we may not overcome for awhile now. And so I think the American people are starting to wake up and maybe having a little buyer's remorse on their vote for President Biden.