Newsmax host: “Maybe we should deprive Democrats of the Second Amendment. That would probably save a lot of lives.”

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Citation From the September 11, 2023, edition of Newsmax's The Right Squad

CHRIS PLANTE (HOST): Her explanation was that three kids have been shot to death in the last couple of months. And that's a terrible thing. And that happened, I believe, last weekend in Washington, DC where three kids were shot to death. And go to Chicago any weekend, go to Baltimore most weekends and if that's the trigger, if you will, for this new Democrat Party authoritarianism, then we're all in deep trouble.

MATTHEW FOLDI (CO-HOST): Well, the thing about Michelle Lujan Grisham that's important -- I mean, no one thinks about her. But she is -- she's a tyrant. During COVID, obviously she shut down the state while then doing the classic she's opening -- you know, she's forcing these business owners to serve her. But Michelle Lujan Grisham, in a lot of ways, needs to keep her hands to herself. She's called the Cuomo of the southwest for good reason. She has paid tens of thousands of dollars in settlements to men, including one of her former staffers, who she has sexually assaulted or harassed. Her hands have caused her problems in the past. Tens of thousands of dollars in these payouts to men and now, instead of grabbing her own staff, you know, she's trying to grab guns from New Mexicans. So, there's a huge pattern of troubling behavior from Michelle Lujan Grisham. I think this is her national introduction. This was once a serious Democratic potential for vice president for Joe Biden. And this is where, kind of this pattern of behavior comes from. She is basically a tyrant.

PLANTE: And they're so casual about it. You know, they just think, well, I'm the governor. I'm just going to mandate by fiat. I'm going to erase sections of the Bill of Rights and, you know, and that's --

FOLDI: I think if we see COVID, kind of, coming back, the instinct for these people --

PLANTE: Right. Mandate.

FOLDI: To, kind of, have this tyranny come back is a huge problem for --

PLANTE: They don't care what you do as long as it's mandatory. They love anything that's mandatory. And the masks, and the vaccines, and the shutting down the schools and the -- very, very authoritarian because, as I like to say, you know, they're not liberals, they're the left. And there's a very big difference between liberals and the left. This is -- this is not liberalism. This is leftism that we're seeing all over the country from so many of these Democrat leaders that are, at their core, authoritarian and dictatorial and given the requisite amount of power -- and they said, well, she's declared a health emergency because three kids were shot. That was by Democrats. Maybe we should deprive Democrats of the Second Amendment. That would probably save a lot of lives. What do you think? And that's that.