Newsmax host: “Fox News does not want Tucker Carlson coming to Newsmax”

Rob Finnerty: “They're trying to discredit Tucker Carlson”

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Citation From the May 2, 2023, edition of Newsmax's Wake Up America 

ROB FINNERTY (HOST): And I just want to set this up for everyone at home that might not get what's going on here. So, you're going to see Tucker is on set. He's about to do an interview for Fox Nation and they're having an argument, like, with producers or somebody. Again, it's Tucker Carlson about what he's wearing, right? And he's wearing his normal Tucker outfit. Like, we all know what Tucker wears, right? Not the bowtie anymore, which he used to wear. But he's wearing the Tucker outfit, and he's, like, going through this, like, argument with his producers, and he's basically -- you know, he's basically expressing how upset he is with the way things at Fox Nation are running. 


Alright, by the way, makes a whole lot of sense. It would upset me too, but that would be like if during a commercial break, I was talking to somebody on my phone and Newsmax was rolling on it and then used that footage down the line after I, you know, split up with Newsmax like Fox did with Tucker and tried to discredit him --


FINNERTY: They're trying to discredit Tucker Carlson, and they're also trying to bait him into publicly responding so they don't have to pay him, TW, $30 million. They're -- I'll tell you what Fox does not want to happen - and this is the elephant in the room. We saw that TMZ report drop on Friday. We can't really say much about what's going on. But Fox News does not want Tucker Carlson coming to Newsmax, plain and simple. 


MALONI:  And I will say -- look, Newsmax ratings, Eric Bolling is up over 200 percent, so we have a lot of new viewers. So anybody who's new, thank you so much for watching us.

FINNERTY: Yeah, good morning. If you're with us right now or you're used to watching Fox and Friends, it's great to have you with us this morning.