Newsmax host dismisses a bust of Rosa Parks in the Oval Office: “It's the administration of identity politics”

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Citation From the January 22, 2021, edition of Newsmax's Wake Up America

ROB FINNERTY (HOST): Well, one thing that's getting a whole lot of attention right now is Joe Biden's Oval Office design. Every president basically does this. He just re-designed the Oval Office in his image.


FINNERTY: He apparently got rid of the Andrew Jackson --

RACHEL ROLLAR (HOST): Andrew Jackson painting.

FINNERTY: Andrew Jackson painting. And President Trump liked the Andrew Jackson stuff because Andrew Jackson was a populist outsider who became president. He had a bad legacy with the Trail of Tears. 4,000 Indians died, of course. But FDR, Japanese internment. Every president has got something they're not proud of. But the left-leaning media yesterday was, like, oh yeah, but Andrew Jackson was a terrible, terrible president. And it's just he -- it was because he was a populist, an outsider. Like Donald J. Trump.

ROLLAR: And that wasn't the only change that got people talking. The removal of the Winston Churchill bust, we saw a second ago actually what's replaced there. But that removal is something a lot of people were talking about. British politician Nigel Farage, not too happy.


FINNERTY: We have a special relationship with Great Britain, and that's certainly something that's important to us and our heritage and our country moving forward.


ROLLAR: You know, they're allowed to re-design the room however they want. But it is always interesting to see what, of course, gets changed. We now have a bust of Rosa Parks in the Oval Office as well.

FINNERTY: Yeah. Well, it's the administration of identity politics starting their second full day today. So it's -- we expected this but the criticism will not stop for the next four years of our previous president. And it was on full display yesterday.