Newsmax host criticizes Vice President Kamala Harris for “all of this girl power stuff”

Greg Kelly: “Kind of full of herself, isn't she?”

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Citation From the January 21, 2021, edition of Newsmax's Greg Kelly Reports

GREG KELLY (HOST): Folks, I think Joe Biden has a problem, in addition to all the obvious ones, and that's Vice President Kamala Harris. Kind of full of herself, isn't she? And all this girl power stuff, well, it was old during the campaign and it's getting worse.


I have no beef with the kid, she's cute, she's adorable. But Kamala, you know, I don't know - people have been believing with ambition and in themselves long before she arrived on the scene.

Here's what troubles me about this. Oh, by the way, the on and off again with the private jets, totally into high-status travel. But it just concerns me that it's all about the exterior. You know, the superficial, the skin color, the gender. That's what everybody seems to be consumed with. And I'm kind of getting the drift, maybe you are as well, that if you're not a person of color, many people in our society just don't think you're special.

Here's the deal. You're special if you're a person of color and transgender or whatever. You're special. I'm special. You're special. It does not matter your gender, it does not matter your ethnicity. And this whole thing about oh, somebody looks like me, therefore, I will be inspired by them. First of all, ever notice that nobody even looks like each other, really. You know, that girl as cute as she was, does not look like Kamala Harris.

Anyway, it's one of the reasons why I think that nobody made a big deal about Mike Pence. Ok? Mike Pence was just the vice president, he was white and a male and, you know, the mainstream media did not find that interesting. Hollywood had no interest in that whatsoever.