Newsmax host condemns Fox News for requiring vaccination or daily testing

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Citation From the October 27, 2021, edition of Newsmax's John Bachman Now

JOHN BACHMAN (HOST): I want to follow up on your commentary yesterday on Fox News, which was so well done, by the way. You know, we see more evidence every day that that network is really, you know, kind of turning their back on the grassroots, the real conservatives, the Tea Party folks who have been in this fight for a long time, especially during its daytime programming. You know, this would not have happened if Roger Ailes were still with the company.


BACHMAN: So there's that and there was the other great point you made too, which was -- I think was obvious to anyone who was watching -- is how Fox went all in on all this cancel culture stuff, but then the All Star game came around, zip it, you know, quiet. You don't hear them talking about watch the game last night, there's no mention of that controversy from the All Star game. It's just everything is normal. Can't wait until they go back to Atlanta.

ERIC BOLLING (HOST): Yeah and that was the point. And the people are emailing me, like, what's your problem with Fox? Well, look, I'm just calling it the way I see it. But I don't need Neil Cavuto to tell me what I should be doing for vaccinations. I can do that for myself. I'm vaccinated. I tell my audience that I'm vaccinated. But I'm against the mandate part of it. Fox says, and Neil Cavuto says, you know, we're against mandates too but Fox itself has a mandate. You can't get into 1206 Avenue unless you are vaccinated or you're willing to take a test every day. And by the way, that means all those cameramen, all those lighting people, all those sound people can't do their jobs. So, in essence, it's just as onerous as the vaccine mandate that de Blasio has. But, yet, you won't hear that.

Look, Sean Hannity's one of my closest friends in the world, and he calls it straight. Tucker sometimes has issues. But people like Cavuto was telling me that I should be vaccinated and then turns around and says, you know, we're against vaccine mandates yet his own company -- and Neil's an executive vice president of Fox -- but his own company demands that of the other employees. Not the Neil Cavuto's of the world, but the producers, the associate producers, the camera people. There are a lot of people who are bound by a vaccine mandate that they're going to have to take, otherwise they're going to get, likely, fired because they're not doing their job.

And then the other issue of this whole idea of we're against the woke culture. They blasted Major League Baseball for moving the All Star game. Well, that was until they held the All Star game and FOX, FOX, big FOX broadcast the All Star game. I haven't really heard them do it this time around, because guess where the World Series is being played? It's being played, half the games are being played, in Atlanta. Well, I'm not hearing a lot of the pushback for baseball broadcast on FOX --

BACHMAN: And I would like to see, Eric --

BOLLING: Anyway, yeah it's my old employer. And I just want to make this clear, I'm not taking unfair shots at Fox. I'm just calling it like – like it is. See, I would say the same thing about CNN and MSNBC, but they clearly admit that they're on board with that. It's just the hypocrisy of pretending you're not on board with something - you're against mandates and you're against corporate hypocrisy when it's happening -- let's call, hey, look, Newsmax -- I'm not required to be vaccinated at Newsmax. And John, just this is very important. Right now, I just got off a call, a corporate call, and said, you know what? You're not required to be vaccinated, but, you know, if you want to be tested, you can go down to -- there's a nurse who's ready to test you if you want. We're not requiring it, but we recommend it, but we're not requiring, and that's the difference. That's the beauty. I just love being here at Newsmax for that reason.