Newsmax host compares Donald Trump to Batman

Benny Johnson: “Both Trump and Batman are rich, mysterious, unpredictable guys”

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Citation From the July 10, 2021, edition of Newsmax's The Benny Report

BENNY JOHNSON (HOST): I'm Batman. Actually I'm Benny Johnson. But as many of you know, we are enormous Batman fans on this show. The Dark Knight is America's finest superhero, for obvious reasons. He is tough. He has the best tools and villains to fight. And unlike those villains, and many of his fellow superheroes, Batman has no special supernatural powers. He has no DNA mutation. He wasn't born on an alien world. Batman is just a guy who loves his hometown. That's his superpower. His motivation is not trying to protect the galaxy. No, Bruce Wayne's motivation is simple and local -- stop petty crime in Gotham, fight it with his bare hands. Batman's an outsider looking in; the corrupt political law enforcement establishment of Gotham hate him because they cannot control him. Outsiders tendency to see and solve problems that insiders cannot. They are by nature against the system, against the corruption of the establishment. This is what makes Batman iconic. He fights the corrupt establishment. Kind of reminds me of someone.


JOHNSON: Both Trump and Batman are rich, mysterious, unpredictable guys. They own skyscrapers in Gotham. They have a cult-like hero status for throwing their privileged lives away and getting their hands dirty. Both have a helicopter and a plane. But it's their outsider status that make them work. They have not been part of the corrupt system, so they can see the problems. They can break the machine when it needs to be broken.