Newsmax host claims outrage over Capitol insurrection is racist toward white people

Greg Kelly: “It's clear to me that there is a racial component”

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Citation From the February 11, 2021, edition of Newsmax's Greg Kelly Reports

GREG KELLY (HOST): So what's going on here? Oh, there is a racial component. Have you noticed? Let's talk about this, all right? It's clear to me that there is a racial component. Because right now in America, who doesn't have much status? White folk. Especially poor, white folk. Especially poor, white people who stormed the Capitol. They should not have done it and I think the rioters should be prosecuted.

Not all of them, though. Some of them were led inside, we saw that. Some of them just happened to be there. But now we're looking at their movements. Tracking them. Did you see the video outside of Nancy Pelosi's office? This is evidence and it should be looked into and -- and those responsible should be punished. But why so selective? Why is this like 9/11?

What about when they took over that police precinct in Minneapolis? Anybody remember that? I mean, they took over a police precinct. Guess what? They went inside. They trashed the place. The cops had to evacuate. The cops actually had to evacuate. And this was considered a beautiful thing somehow. This was a moment. Now, why is that? What's the difference?