Newsmax host casts doubt on Johns Hopkins' COVID-19 data due to Mike Bloomberg's donation to the university

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Citation From the October 27, 2020, of Newsmax's Greg Kelly Reports

GREG KELLY (HOST): "Hospitals on the brink." Wow, it does sound awfully, awfully scary. But, you know what, there is a huge -- I think we all know this now -- a huge political component to all of this.

You know, the Democrats, the media, you know a source they almost all turn to? The previously reputable Johns Hopkins University. They got this website with -- let's hit up that ominous music -- wow, look at this, huh. It looks like war games. All the red. Are those nuclear missiles that have impacted or? No, cases of coronavirus. But, again, this is the Johns Hopkins' scientific website with the death counts and the case counts. This is made, custom made really, for a media that wants to alarm you.

And this got me thinking, why Johns Hopkins? Why would they, kind of, go overboard like this? Well, here's a little clue. Johns Hopkins - the number one funder of Johns Hopkins and any university in the history of universities is Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City who made a $1.8 billion donation to Johns Hopkins. Of course, Michael Bloomberg you'll remember, he ran for president. Recently he promised to spend $100 million to beat Donald Trump just in Florida, in addition to the money he's spending all over the place. So this guy is the number one benefactor of Johns Hopkins University. And, of course, he is a total Trump hater going back many years.