Newsmax host attacks Fox News by trying to tie it to Barack Obama

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Citation From the December 11, 2020, edition of Newsmax's The Chris Salcedo Show

CHRIS SALCEDO (HOST): Obama and Fox News Channel are finding more in common. That's the sad news that I have to report in tonight's preamble. In some of the email I'm getting, folks invariably ask me what the hell is going on over at Fox. Truth is, I don't know. I suspect it has something to do with the dedicated Democrats who run that channel these days. In all honesty, I thought we'd never be here. I thought that we and Fox would be fighting side by side, you know, against those folks trying to wash this wave of anti-American socialism that has swallowed the Democrat socialist party and the rest of the biased press. Well, it's not worked out that way. It's a bit discouraging, I'm not going to lie to you.


President Barack Hussein Obama has been pimping a book around the country, you might have heard. In one interview, he lamented how white conservatives supported him at one time.


Typical left-wing extremist. As often as Barack Obama looks in the mirror you'd think the former narcissist-in-chief could get a clearer picture or have at least a greater idea, some self-awareness. The reason so many people stopped supporting you, Mr. Obama, wasn't because of anybody else but you. The reason Obama lost support, folks, was because he opened his big mouth and implemented policies that told us who he really was. The media refused to vet Obama before his election. So many people were shocked to discover that he's an anti-American leftist who despises the United States and worked to prop up our enemies in Iran, Cuba, and China.

But who does Obama think is responsible for his loss of popularity? Rush Limbaugh, of course. Just like Fox News Channel's Geraldo Rivera laughingly bashed Rush Limbaugh for making a fair and accurate analysis. With all due respect, Geraldo, Rush does more good for this country in one of his opening monologues than any of your socialist pals have done in their entire careers. Although, I really did enjoy the contents of Al Capone's vault. It turns out your critique of Rush was just about as substantive.