Newsmax host attacks Fox for canceling Lou Dobbs' show, and suggests Chris Wallace should have been fired instead

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Citation From the February 8, 2021, edition of Newsmax's Wake Up America

ROB FINNERTY (HOST): If you haven't already noticed, which I'm sure that many of you have, Fox News is just not the old Fox News that it once was. The latest example is Lou Dobbs. Get this - the highest rated host on Fox Business suddenly had his show canceled on Friday after 10 years. To many, Dobbs was the face of Fox Business. The problem, well Lou Dobbs is a Trump supporter. And oh, he's even a friend of President Trump's. But Fox has made several rash decisions lately. After dropping to third in the ratings for the first time in 20 years, Fox News is now behind CNN and MSNBC in the ratings. But host Chris Wallace, who hosted the first debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, and actually said that Joe Biden's inaugural address was the best he's ever heard, might be a good indication of where Fox News is heading.


FINNERTY: Sitting with a U. S senator. Maybe let the senator speak. I thought I was watching Brian Stelter on CNN. That is Fox News Sunday. That is Chris Wallace. Sounds like Wallace is working for the wrong network right now. He forgot to mention President Trump's call for a peaceful protest, which he said more than once during that speech on January the sixth. The job of a journalist, of course, is to show both sides of a story, which clearly did not happen there. But now Fox News has other plans. They want to compete with the mainstream liberal media like CNN and MSNBC, which might be why Dobbs is now gone and the left-leaning Wallace is there to stay.