Newsmax host attacks Bruce Springsteen: “I can't tell if I'm listening to the Boss or the Bolshevik”

Chris Salcedo also lashes out at Billy Joel

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Citation From the June 24, 2021, edition of Newsmax's The Chris Salcedo Show

CHRIS SALCEDO (HOST): Those of you who are fans of Billy Joel know the song “The Stranger." And before you fire off emails telling me that Mr. Joel is a raging left-winger, yes, I know. Many of our childhood singers from the ‘80s, they've lost their minds in the modern era. Have you heard Springsteen talk lately? I can't tell if I'm listening to the Boss or the Bolshevik. Anyway, back to Billy Joel's song, “The Stranger." In the song Joel sings about, well, we all wear masks to one degree or another, right? He also outlines a scenario where one day a man comes home to his wife and doesn't recognize her. It seemed they were both wearing their figurative masks, not letting the other one know who they truly were when they got married. Now, that can ruin any relationship or marriage, if people are not honest about who they are. So, too, is it with Democrats. The socialist party has perfected lying to their own voters about who they really are.