Newsmax host: “Artificial intelligence is racist toward white people”

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Citation From the February 23, 2024, edition of Newsmax's Chris Plante: The Right Squad

CHRIS PLANTE (HOST): Turns out that artificial intelligence is racist toward white people. I think I know who programmed those -- Google, you got Google out there in California scrambling after its new AI tool -- they've got a new AI tool. They call it Gemini. It's called Gemini. It was exposed for its racial rewrite of history. When asked to create images of the Founding Fathers of this great country of ours, Gemini seemed to think that George Washington was African-American, which is not true. He wasn't. Other founders were depicted as Black or Asian. Some of them were Asian because California people with AI, you know how this goes. And the pope? Well, he's a woman. And a woman of color. Black man, the pope -- they're not paying attention. These California people, they don't follow the news. But another example features an Indian woman as an NHL hockey player, which I don't think has happened quite yet. As a result, Google actually suspended their image generator online, and now you can't go to it, but you can go to it and ask it all kinds of questions. And it gives hilarious, unintentionally hilarious answers to a lot of your questions.