Newsmax host and Donald Trump tie new restrictive voting laws with the effort to overturn the 2020 election

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Citation From the April 6, 2021, edition of Newsmax's American Agenda

HEATHER CHILDERS (HOST): I wanted to ask you about --

DONALD TRUMP (GUEST): You know, the election was a -- it was a rigged, stolen election. If this would've happened to Democrats, you would've had a revolution. They wouldn't have allowed it. And the Supreme Court was -- did not have the courage to do what they should've done because these elections in the swing states, they didn't have anything approven by the legislatures. 

CHILDERS: Well that's why -- yeah , that's why I asked you earlier if the Republican Party had done enough before the election to keep some of these things from happening when it came to voting laws and voting integrity, which, obviously, all the states now are trying to do their part with that, but it's causing a huge problem with a lot of corporations and boycotts. Finally, President Trump --

TRUMP: Well, actually they did, they did. And, as you know, judges didn't want to hear cases. You know, they didn't want to be responsible for this. The judges didn't want to hear the case. But it's so simple. Not only dead people voting, not only, you know, illegal immigrants and all of the other things - all of the ballot dumps, all of the things that happened at three o'clock in the morning, etc. Forget all of that. They didn't get approval to make all of these massive changes and you're not allowed to do it, locally or even with local judges --

CHILDERS: Without going through the state legislatures --

TRUMP: It should've never been allowed. And the Supreme Court should be ashamed of themselves for not being willing to take it on.

CHILDERS: Well, you're taking steps now so that it could be resolved before the --

TRUMP: We are.

CHILDERS: Next election, and we won't have to fight it after the fact.