Newsmax guest: “Now we're having the Blacks pushing this kind of junk on the American people”

Ted Harvey: “It's sickening”

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Citation From the March 18, 2021, edition of Newsmax's American Agenda

TED HARVEY (GUEST): Well, I think this is a prime example of the failure of our public education system and our higher ed system. This is what they are teaching in, you know, high schools all across the country. This is what they are teaching in our government-funded school systems and higher ed. You look at where you're seeing African Americans wanting to have segregated dorm rooms to separate themselves from the rest of the population. This is going backwards --


HARVEY: In the entire movement to have a color-blind society that we've been fighting for, for all of these years. And now we're having the Blacks pushing this kind of junk on the American people. It's saddening.

BOB SELLERS (HOST): Ok. Final thought, Heather.

HEATHER CHILDERS (HOST): Yeah. Race, sex, and gender, I think that you have to look at people as a whole and not this identity politics that we've started to do. This article is inflammatory rhetoric and should be treated as such. And, you know, in order to overcome a pandemic, what do you do? You wipe it out. So this is clearly inflammatory and it's dangerous and everyone needs to recognize that.