Newsmax guest warns “Democrats will reap the whirlwind” on presidential immunity case

Hogan Gidley: “Republicans will indict Joe Biden for not following the law, for not enforcing the law on the border, for example, and that should be a slam dunk case. So you open this Pandora's box, Democrats.”

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Citation From the November 6, 2024, edition of Newsmax's Newsline

BIANCA DE LA GARZA (HOST): Alright, I want to get your reaction first Hogan to the appeals court in DC. Really not too much of a surprise here and, as John just very articulately laid out, there's a lot of pathways. Trump still can go to Supreme Court. There's a few days here. This may also be something that's going on past November. I mean, so many different scenarios. What's your take on this ruling? Though not immune. Steven Cheung had some pretty strong words saying, this is not the way to go.

HOGAN GIDLEY (GUEST): Sure, well, first things first. Donald Trump did nothing wrong here. He's not guilty of anything, because what he did did not incite any insurrection. The whole thing is bogus on its face. I think people across this country are beginning to understand that more and more. But Donald Trump will appeal this. I mean, you have judges who are appointed by Joe Biden, one by H. W. Bush, kind of focused on, you know, probably hating Trump if I had to guess as we begin to dig up some of the information about them and their past. But regardless, Donald Trump is being targeted by a weaponized federal government, by three letter agencies, now by the judicial branch as well, going after him for doing his own job, for doing the duties as outlined by the Constitution as president of the United States. And so, he is right that if this does go through and this continues, you know, Democrats will reap the whirlwind because this is the rules they play by. And so, if they think Republicans aren't going to play by those same rules when Joe Biden leaves office, they're crazy, because if they do the right thing, Republicans will indict Joe Biden for not following the law, for not enforcing the law on the border, for example, and that should be a slam dunk case. So you open this Pandora's box, Democrats, you're going to get what you -- get exactly what you wanted.