Newsmax guest urges viewers to call 911 if they see a trans person

Patriot Barbie host Lindsey Graham: “If you see a man in a private, secure space that belongs to women, you call 911”

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Citation From the January 18, 2023, edition of Newsmax's American Agenda

KATRINA SZISH (HOST): Wow, so you see a man in the women's locker room at your gym. Police refused to act because it was, as you said, a touchy subject. What can we do about this? Because that just seems ridiculous. And you're not saying it was a man who was dressed as a woman who may have been trans, it was just a dude in the locker room. 

LINDSEY GRAHAM (GUEST; HOST OF PATRIOT BARBIE PODCAST): It's a dude. I mean, legitimately. It's a dude. He dresses like a woman. He calls himself a woman. He demands that the children at his elementary school call him either Paul or Ms. Bixler. But humans are smart, children are smart. This is a man, there's no doubt about it. Unfortunately, what he did is he went to his local DMV, he had his driver's license changed to say female, and that is what tied the hands of the police in Goodyear, Arizona.

I encourage all women, all women across the United States, across America, across the world. If you see a biological man, if you see a man in a private, secure space that belongs to women, you call 911. You call the police. You do not go to the front desk, you do not ask a minimum wage employee to help you take care of what is a very, very scary situation. You call the police and even if there can't be an arrest made, we need to stand up for ourselves. We need to stand up for our daughters. We need to protect ourselves from the mockery that is, I can put on lipstick and pearls earrings and call myself a female. That is not -- that is not safe for our little girls. It's not safe for the future of humanity, and it's not safe for women.