Newsmax guest: “There's no way I believe that Joe Biden got 81 million votes”

Stacy Washington: “If he did, why did he have to lock the Capitol down for his inauguration?”

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Citation From the February 1, 2021, edition of Newsmax's Wake Up America

ROB FINNERTY (HOST): But Stacy, there is -- Betsy brings up a great point right there -- there are calls to make Washington, D.C., our 51st state. Puerto Rico our 52nd state like very, very soon, and they've got the majorities to maybe make this happen for the first time ever -- which would mean four more Democratic senators in the Senate. How scary is that?

STACY WASHINGTON (GUEST): It is scary, but Rob -- so I have to say there's something very important that we've talked about what we need to hit it as hard as we can, and that is the election irregularities, as Betsy put them is perfect segway into H.R. 1.

I want to make clear that in the battleground states, the state legislatures actually control the election process -- all of it. So when election boards change the rules to help the Democrats, they actually went against the law. So the direct rectification, the proper act here is for those state legislatures to pass legislation that actually enshrines proper, you know, one vote one citizen fair voting rules as we had before. If they don't take care of that problem, then, you know, Nancy Pelosi is rushing to take care of it for them because she knows what we know. It was irregularity. There was fraud there and they want this because they're severely outnumbered.

There's no way I believe that Joe Biden got 81 million votes. If he did, why did he have to lock the Capitol down for his inauguration? He should have had the biggest celebration in the history of this country. So there's important work here to be done, and I don't want to get too far derailed into the discussion of the president's trial because that is a sham, as we said. 

FINNERTY: Panel, we got to leave it there. You guys are joining us right after the commercial break. We have a lot to get to. I did hear one quote that I thought was appropriate. 74 million Americans voted for Donald Trump, 81 million Americans voted against Donald Trump, not necessarily for Joe Biden. And I thought that was a nice way to put it.