Newsmax guest suggests impeaching “Kamala for her laugh”

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Citation From the February 10, 2021, edition of Newsmax's American Agenda

JUDD DUNNING: Talk about political theater for its own sake as they push massive amounts of legislation through in the background. I mean, we all know that's what's really going on. We're not stupid, you know.

And as long as we're gonna allow impeachments for people who aren't in office anymore, can we impeach people who haven't been in office yet? We could start with Kamala for her laugh. I mean, there's a ridiculousness of what's going on. I mean, the Democrats are so demented they would have indicted Lincoln for an insurrection against the Confederacy.


And what's funny about it is it's not even Donald Trump on trial. It's the people of the United States versus Final Cut Pro editing software. I'm watching the Capitol riots videos they keep playing. They're bringing me to tears because I know it isn't diverse enough to win the Academy Award for best film editing. You know that, like CNN and cancel culture is going to be putting this in their crack pipes for years to come with these snippets. It's ridiculous and it's offensive.