Newsmax guest says Rachel Maddow is “always bashing white men but she wants to look like a man”

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Citation From the January 16, 2024, edition of Newsmax's Eric Bolling: The Balance

ERIC BOLLING (HOST): It blows me -- first of all MSNBC on their coverage last night put Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow, two very, very left-wing opinion flamethrowers -- they're not news people. They put them on there, and that's what they did. They brought the opinion flame there. But respond to Joy Reid saying Nikki Haley can't win because Iowa's too white.

VERNON JONES (GUEST): Well honestly Eric, MSNBC has hit its lowest moment. You have Joy Reid on there who's literally having a race rant against white Christians. What is wrong with them being Christians and they happen to be white? Matter of fact, her hair is whiter than those Christians. On the other hand, you look at Rachel Maddow. You know, she always bashing white men but she wants to look like a man. And there she is -- they are literally making a decision not to carry President Trump because they don't want their viewers to hear from President Trump. They are afraid of President Trump. So here they are literally censoring the president. Don't want his information out there. They're beating him up on one hand, they're ranting and raving. And let's just stay in the meantime, they're just creating up more racial divide, more -- more gender divide. It's just -- MSNBC has gone too far again.