Newsmax guest says Fox Business canceled Lou Dobbs for being “too conservative”

Steve Sanchez: “We don’t need another MSNBC. But that’s where Fox News wants to go”

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Citation From the February 8, 2021, edition of Newsmax's American Agenda

ALISON MALONI (HOST): Fox News has fired Lou Dobbs. His show's been canceled and press reports indicate that they are not renewing his contract. Dobbs was the highest rated host of the Fox Business Network, raising questions about why he was fired. Dobbs seriously questioned the election results, even as Fox News was among the first to declare Biden the winner. CNN says Dobbs has been thrown overboard as the network faces criticism from liberals. Dobbs was a close ally of President Trump and his firing could be an indication that other pro-Trumpers may be purged from the network. Some say Fox News and Fox Business are clearly trying to turn the page from the Trump era and don't want to discuss him on the air. Dobbs is also a fierce critic of China, and there are reports that some Fox commentators have been told to tone down their criticism about China. Let's bring back our panel for the day. I want to start with you Steve. Were you surprised to hear that Lou Dobbs' show was canceled?

STEVE SANCHEZ (GUEST):  No, I was not. And, you know, Lou's such a great guy -- I used to be a frequent guest on his show until Fox decided that,-- you know, Steve, maybe a little too conservative for us, and they've made a decision that Lou's a little too conservative for them. I think we all can agree, Fox has gone down another road. We don't need another CNN. We don't need another MSNBC. But that's where Fox News wants to go. And, you know, Lou's not a journalist, he's a commentator. And he has a viewership. And I've always said this, if you don't like someone's TV show or their radio program, it's really cool, you can flip the channels that -- it's that simple.