Newsmax guest says Donald Trump is being investigated because his poll numbers are “just blasting off into space”

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Citation From the July 18, 2023, edition of Newsmax's National Report

BRUCE LEVELL (TRUMP ADVISER): Well, here we go again. You see, the president's polls are, like, really just blasting off into space. And it doesn't surprise me because, as he gains even more momentum as we go into 2024, they're just throwing everything they can up against the wall to try to make it stick. And it's all hands on deck with this dual justice system, unfortunately. But as Marjorie Taylor Greene just said, you know, this is pretty much a travesty. You know, this is really just for everyone, guys. Just, you know, it's not just about President Trump, it's for all of us. And so this is the harsh part about it. And, you know, there's probably going to be more that, as I called throw as they stick on the wall. But watch what -- watch this real quick. I know we got a lot of panelists here. Watch the polls this week after this letter.


MAY MAILMAN (FORMER TRUMP WHITE HOUSE ASSOC. COUNSEL): The Department of Justice works for us, it works for the American people. And what it's supposed to do is not bring the case that really makes it passionate and these people, they really don't like Trump. What it's supposed to do is just simply follow the law. And the fact that there is a January 6 investigation – what law is that? The whole thing has been manufactured up. There was something that people didn't like. They didn't like people in the Capitol on January 6, and so what we're going to try to do is pin something on Trump. Somehow, maybe he gave a speech, maybe he made a phone call. How can we possibly finagle the law to try and put Trump in jail? But that is exactly backwards. The way that the law is supposed to work is that we know what the laws are, and then maybe we can't figure out who did it, maybe it's a murder, murder is illegal, but we can't figure out who did it, and FBI and the Department of Justice go out and try to figure out who did it. In this case, it's backwards. They know who they wanted to get, they wanted to get President Trump.