Newsmax guest Sam Sorbo warns that teachers “want to have sex with your children”

Sorbo: “Schools are the system of slavery that the government has instituted, and people arguing with the schools are, basically, arguing with the master”

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Citation From the February 21, 2023, edition of Newsmax's Wake Up America

ALISON MALONI (HOST): Some parents leaning into this issue say they feel equity means offering more opportunities, not taking away others for advanced education and study. I have kids in school honors classes, I know are really important for them, not only because it helps them get ready for college, but it helps them get into college as well. What do you make of this?

SAM SORBO (GUEST): Well, it's funny that they lead with, we don't want to take anything away from other kids, and they're taking away the honors classes. Like, that's just ridiculous. But, you know, my viewpoint is very clear that schools are the system of slavery that the government has instituted, and people arguing with the schools are, basically, arguing with the master. And the schools are not interested in training -- in teaching children, they're only interested in training them to be good workers, which is, you know, that we are under this society now. I advocate for parents just to pull your kids out of school and you'll find that learning happens organically rather than being coerced, as they do in schools.

MALONI: Daneen, some schools are struggling to reach these pre-pandemic level test scores. Baltimore seeing only 22% of students grades three through eight reach proficiency and math. Shouldn't this be of higher concern to these schools? 

DENEEN BORELLI (NEWSMAX CONTRIBUTOR): As a former board member with a charter school in Harlem, New York, I got to say this really ticks me off. I find this to be a war against our children. And, unfortunately, these schools and these teachers and administrators have gone woke. They're more concerned about sexualizing children and sex change procedures than the educational needs of children. The power should be in the hands of the parents. Not all teachers are bad. I have teachers in my family. They love their job. They love what they do and they want to see these children succeed. But, unfortunately, there are too many kids being set up for failure in our country.

MALONI: Yeah, I think you're so right. And then if you speak up as a parent, you're called a domestic terrorist. Sam, how has the focus in schools grown to things -- you know, just far from education. Our children -- it used to be reading, writing, and arithmetic. And now, as Deneen mentioned, it is all changed. And, you know, the fact that they want to take honors classes out because what they think is a good reason. It doesn't make sense as a parent. 

SORBO: You know, it's ridiculous because we still labor under the idea that schools are beneficial. They're not. They're detrimental to children. They are against children. And we can see it right now. We can see with all of the newfangled non-educational things that they are putting into the schools that their interest is not in the favor of your child. They want to have sex with your children. They want to destroy your children. And the idea that you are now in enslaved to this mentality of, well, I have to put my child in school proves the point that it is a slave system. Take your children out of school. And if you're very concerned about their education, that's what I train on. I have my playbook for home learning which I teach parents what they ought to be looking for for the education of their children. They will not find it in our schools, unfortunately.