Newsmax guest: “I'm willing to pick up arms. I can't take it anymore.”

Michael Savage: “It's the ACLU that stands behind all of this insanity and any administration that comes along that has the power should arrest all of them and try them for sedition and deport them if possible”

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Citation From the May 29, 2023, edition of Newsmax's Eric Bolling: The Balance 

MICHAEL SAVAGE (GUEST): Your outrage is correct, but it's so deep. It's hard for people to understand that it's not about woke this, woke that. These are suicidal individuals who are trying to make the rest of us commit suicide along with them. And let me remind all of you out there who are listening - Rome did not pass away – I'm a student of history – Rome was assassinated from within and by the invasion of the barbarians. Those two elements are occurring in America today. And for Memorial Day, I've studied what they have done to the military. We all know – Carl, this will strike a chord with you. We all know the recruitment goals are in the toilet. Why would a young man enlist in the military other than to prove himself, to prove he's tougher than the other guy? That he can beat the other guy, that could beat the enemy, that he wants to protect America, he wants to protect our women and children. That's what a man goes into the military for.

Well, now let's look at what's going on, Carl. Fitness standards – after finding that women were not scoring as highly as men and under tremendous pressure from advocacy groups, the Army has thrown out all fitness tests. And so, now any soldier can meet any fitness requirement for combat specialties without a test. Number two, January 2021 the terrorist Biden signs an executive order, opens military service to all transgender individuals. We hear that's a good thing because all the transgenders, as you well know, are the best warriors on the battlefield. And then it gets worse. Biden decrees that active members of the military can take time off from their duties to get free sex change surgeries, Carl, and all related expensive hormones, Carl, and all expensive drugs, Carl, at our expense. That's what they went in the military, for free sex change surgery.

Carl, you've got time for a few more or do you want to get sick or you want to stay healthy today?

CARL HIGBIE (GUEST HOST): Oh, keep going, keep going.

SAVAGE: I'll give you two more. Alright, I did some research for you. The Biden administration, which is a terrorist administration tearing the country apart, ends its support for long-standing signed policies prohibiting individuals who are HIV positive from serving in combat zones. That was based on sound science. It was tied to the need for HIV medications, which are very costly, and the danger of cross-infection through shared blood in a foxhole. Thrown out the door. Gets worse. The Biden's chief of naval operations, so-called Admiral Michael Gilday – I don't know who the hell he is – decided to add a book how to be an antichrist, one of the leading source books on so-called critical race theory, which is an anti-white hate fest. And, in the book given to our naval men and women now, are reading saying capitalism is, essentially, racist and that to be truly anti-racist, you also have to be fully anti-capitalist.

One more piece of information for those of you out there who want to know why I say Rome did not pass away, it was assassinated, and we are committing suicide because of the LGBTQ and other far-left maniacs. They're looking at readings that are required at West Point right now. There are now slides labeled white power at West Point, Carl. Can you believe this? Now, if this goes on, I predicted 20 years ago in a not-so-joking way, like a Jonathan Swift, that if we don't stop these psychopathic haters, they will snap the crosses off the graves of our war memorials. How far away are we from someone saying all those crosses make me uncomfortable, and I want them snapped off the graves of dead soldiers. Who's gonna stop them, Carl? 

HIGBIE: Me. I'll stop them, Mike. And that's the issue. You've got a lot of people just like me -- 

SAVAGE: I'll stop them. Know this, Carl. I've had enough. I've had enough. I'm an old man. But I'll tell you something, I'm willing to pick up arms. I can't take it anymore. I can't take this anymore.

HIGBIE: Well, I see your frustration. I mean, look, you want to mess with with the headstones of Arlington National Cemetery, we're gonna have a big problem, But on that, it's like all these people, they do this stuff in schools. Oh, we're going to trans your kids without yourself – what, just hear me out, Michael. What happens if I just started going – or we started going around as conservatives, baptizing people in elementary school without parental consent? The libs would lose their mind.

SAVAGE: Why not do it? You know, the real problem here are the lawyers. Let's not forget it's the lawyers, the lawyers, the lawyers. Shakespeare had it right. But it's the ACLU. People don't understand. I've been onto these people for 25 years. The anti-Christian libertines union are run by the most – the sickest people with law degrees imaginable, and they're rolling in big money. The ACLU is the head of the snake, as I declared the year 2002. It's the ACLU that stands behind all of this insanity and any administration that comes along that has the power should arrest all of them and try them for sedition and deport them if possible.