Newsmax guest: If Donald Trump “gets convicted, he'll be like the Nelson Mandela of America”

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Citation From the September 27, 2023, edition of Newsmax's Special Coverage

GREG KELLY (HOST): I'd like to show a couple of polls, I think, for the group, if we can. Joe Biden's mental situation - 68% of voters have worries about Biden's mental and physical health. Next please. We have another one. 82% of Democrat voters want someone other than Joe Biden as the nominee. Yet, John McLaughlin, these numbers, as stunning as they are, seem to be ignored by Democrat leadership, at least publicly. Clyburn the other day said he's the strongest guy. How do they not acknowledge these numbers?

JOHN MCLAUGHLIN (GUEST): Well, they're in denial right now. They just want to win the election. So when the Washington Post, which is their outlet -- them and ABC -- when they have Donald Trump up 10 points, you know something's going on inside the Democrat camp. And we had a primary result this month with Biden is down to 56 against RFK Jr. where -- so that primary may not be as solid for Biden as it looks. In the meantime, I mean the whole thing is Donald Trump right now. Donald Trump is a successful president, Joe Biden's an unsuccessful president. Donald Trump was an outsider, a businessman who wanted to change Washington and you got Joe Biden, the most corrupt president in the history of the United States.

So, these are Republicans who are hoping that Trump makes a mistake. You know, in a way, never back down. They were issuing some sort of phony poll numbers and they're saying, you know, we hope Donald Trump gets convicted. If he gets convicted, he'll be like the Nelson Mandela of America. Americans, they're voting for him. I mean, he's been indicted four times in five months, and he's gone ahead of Joe Biden in the polls. And he's crushing -- not just beating, not just dominating -- he's crushing the Republican field. CBS put polls out yesterday in Iowa and New Hampshire, Trump has 50% or more of the vote in both Iowa and New Hampshire. So, these candidates need to get out of the way, unite the party. And if they had any good poll numbers, Joe Biden would indict them, too. But they don't so it's -- they need to get behind Donald Trump so we could both beat Joe Biden, who's a real threat to the United States.

ROB SCHMITT (HOST): It is amazing how they figured this out. How, after all that he's been through, that we're sitting in this position right now laughing at the debate tonight because Trump's already got it in the bag and is already working on the general and working on Joe Biden more than a year before the election.