Newsmax guest falsely claims Donald Trump “has not been convicted”

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Citation From the June 5, 2024, edition of Newsmax's Chris Plante: The Right Squad

MERCEDES SCHLAPP (CO-HOST): Well, obviously, Judge Merchan, an authoritarian type of judge, has obviously opposed Donald Trump every step of the way. I mean, you were nodding your head when Daniel was speaking, Jesse Jane —

JESSIE JANE DUFF (CO-HOST): I did. Just nodding in disagreement, to clarify here —

DANIEL LIPPMAN (CO-HOST): Is that a new type of nodding?

DUFF: Yes, yes, it's a new type of nodding. I wasn't agreeing, I was disagreeing because Judge Merchan is not going to be intimidated. He's already run the trial. It's over  He obviously disregarded every indication that he shouldn't have been on the trial. Everyone knows that he had made contributions to the Biden campaign, which no judge is supposed to do. We all know about what was going on with his family and profiting off of this. So I dare to say that Donald Trump is probably going to disregard this gag order. It should — if they should not lift it, he'll pay the fine. You know? And if they — you know, they are also — let's clarify. He has not been convicted. He will have a — potentially a stay to get through the appeals until the conviction is handed down. So right now he is not convicted.