Newsmax guest complains there are too many “leftists” in the military

Panel lashes out at retired Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honoré

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Citation From the February 19, 2021, edition of Newsmax's John Bachman Now

JOHN BACHMAN (HOST): Jonathan those types of statements will be disqualifying if you're an FBI agent and you're gonna be one of the investigators here. That stuff came out, you know, you wouldn't be allowed to be involved in the investigation. Just so how can we expect an objective and transparent and, you know, anything that's actually going lead to substantive and important changes with a guy like this at the helm.

JONATHAN GILLIAM (GUEST): Only way you can expect is -- the only way to expect that is if you're drunk. I mean, there's -- this is not going to be neutral. A guy like this and all of these generals and admirals that have for years and years - I would go back even as far as Bush 41, where they started becoming more and more liberal during the Clinton era. War fighters got out of the military. And what you've been left with through these generations of power grabbers, careerists, and leftists are people like this. These generals are, quite frankly, when I look at their pedigree and I go and look him up, it's usually not that great. I know men that have done amazing things in their careers and they're not being promoted. Because you have to realize once you get to the captain, which is the 06 level in the Army, it's a captain -- you get 06 layer in the Navy, excuse me -- you get to 06 level you get pulled up. You don't climb the ladder anymore. You get pulled up the ladder. And this is, quite frankly, a perfect example how political these people are.