Newsmax guest cheers on insurrectionists storming the Capitol: “I think that's absolutely correct”

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Citation From the January 6, 2021, edition of Newsmax's American Agenda

JOHN BROWNE (GUEST): Well, Jeff said the key word which was passion. This is a crowd of people - looking at it - largely Republican. I can see a lot of MAGA hats and things like that. They're furious that this election has been so obviously rigged and these pussyfoot senators and congressmen in the Republican Party who fail to stand up to it. And they are saying if our elected representatives won't stand, then we will do something about it. And this is what you're seeing as you've seen in other countries before. A passion that has said to hell with our elected representatives, we're going to march on the place. 


BROWNE: And I think that's absolutely correct.