Newsmax guest calls impeachment a “legislative lynching”

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Citation From the January 13, 2021, edition of Newsmax's American Agenda

BOB SELLARS (ANCHOR): John, let me ask you. Why are -- we understand it could be six in the Senate that would vote for conviction. Now, we're a long way from that. That's a different discussion. But I'm just kind of curious, why are there a number of Republicans who are definitely holding the president responsible for what happened?

JOHN BROWNE (GUEST): Well, I feel that one reason is that they feel it may better their image of the next election and they're going for votes rather than justice. But I think any Republican in either house supporting this impeachment should be bitterly ashamed off supporting what amounts to a legislative lynching. It's a trial above the law that Congress has put itself above the law with a truncated impeachment with no hearings or any attempt whatsoever to gather and evaluate evidence. So effectively, there's no effort to build a just case, but just basically to ensure that President Trump is never allowed to be the representative of his 75 million-plus American voters. It's an historic abuse of power that will ferment, in my view, division and chaos rather than the unity that the left purports to believe in.