Newsmax guest calls the E. Jean Carroll verdict that found Trump liable for sexual assault, a “major win for Trump”

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Citation From the May 9, 2023, edition of Newsmax's American Agenda

THANE ROSENBAUM (GUEST): But if they're coming back and saying this is an unspecified battery and they're not using the word sexual assault, I don't see where the defamation is.


ROSENBAUM: I don't see how you can rule find defamation unless you can find rape. 


And Tacopina's going to be appealing this thing tomorrow but again, don't worry about the money whether it's four dollars or five million that means nothing to Trump. He did not want to be labeled a rapist, he is not a rapist, they came back with no, so trust me when I tell you this was a major win for Donald Trump today. They will appeal it and I guarantee you in the appeal some of damages and that abuse charge will go away too. But the main thing was, rape, yes or no? Came back no. That's a win for President Trump. 

BOB SELLERS (HOST): Well as I'm reading this, there is liability for sexually abusing E. Jean Carroll.

KATRINA SZISH (HOST): And that's what they're saying, the abuse, they're saying rape, no, abuse, yes.